January 27th, 2022

We are excited to present a new record by Jonti, tapping into earlier times of beat making and online music communities

Silence Of The Dawn is a sound experience in five parts which is the first adventure by Jonti into the web3 space. The record is minted as a 1/1 on Catalog with a PartyBid for the community to bid together and share ownership.

For Jonti this record feels like a full circle return to his earliest phases of making music, producing a collection of songs just to show his friends and bandmates, which happened to snowball into being signed by Stones Throw Records and that material coming out as his first album in 2011.

In his life as a musician over the past year in Sydney, Australia with all live shows and tours cancelled, the focus has turned back to recording in the home studio. Music creation has returned to a familiar experience of being home from university and having time in the afternoon to jam and experiment. All with a simple intention to create something cool to share online.

January 21st, 2022

Today we’re introducing voyager, a creator DAO for art, music and media with a community focus on resonance and creative practice

voyager is a space to be in resonance, flow, and connection with artists, musicians, and creatives who are experimenting in web3. We are here to establish a web3 creative organization that’s collectively owned and governed by its members.

We are a community of artists founded by artists. We have fun and make stuff. Getting into a practice of making art, jamming together and sharing works in progress for cross pollination and dynamic feedback loops in connection with a network of creatives across mediums.

Whether you’ve recorded music, designed artwork, coded a generative project, made a video, or wrote an article, the community is available to share feedback, make suggestions, and amplify the energy of new works with a potential for collaboration.